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River City Hoops of Jacksonville, Florida powered by SportsMarkit. We are a perennial basketball powerhouse that is rooted in the Jacksonville region with national impact. River City Hoops was founded in 2017, it prides itself on athletic development and character. We teach the importance of discipline, humility, adversity, and sportsmanship which is displayed on and off the court.
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Jacksonville’s River City Hoops



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River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 23
RT @RCH2025_CoachA: Everything about our program is PROLIFIC! Yoga session in the books @Rivercityhoops_ https://t.co/hSZV65nxwk
River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 22
Rosters are set! Our 2025 group is ready to jump start the season with a tough schedule. https://t.co/R1KXWx2ytH
River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 21
Busy Weekend for our 2025 group! Catch us Sunday at the Big House. @SourceHoops @HoopExchange @coachal100 https://t.co/C9WeCKsoEC
River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 21
RT @PHCA_Basketball: Bringing a little something new to the city! https://t.co/4FNW6f5P2T
River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 21
Our program is locked in this weekend in Daytona. @OTRHoops jump starts the travel season with a competitive showc… https://t.co/d6deQPkIFp
River City Hoops
@Rivercityhoops_Mar 20
I love everything abt @FloridaAtlantic men’s Basketball

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