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River City Hoops of Jacksonville, Florida powered by SportsMarkit. We are a perennial basketball powerhouse that is rooted in the Jacksonville region with national impact. River City Hoops was founded in 2017, it prides itself on athletic development and character. We teach the importance of discipline, humility, adversity, and sportsmanship which is displayed on and off the court.
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Jacksonville’s River City Hoops



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River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Aug 03
RT @PHCA_Basketball: If you're looking for a competitive fall league to kick off your preseason, look no further. We're only taking the f…
River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Jul 29
RT @Jamian_2: I live for moments like these‼️ https://t.co/OXoIW7Bowm
River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Jul 25
DONT CHASE COMFORT! Run to places where you’ll be challenged. Out work the work and WIN at everything! OFF SEASON GOALS 🙏🏾
River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Jul 25
RT @RCH_CoachP: @Rivercityhoops_ ‘s one of the best!
River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Jul 25
Let’s go ECU family ❤️ https://t.co/DDwsrH2l8A
River City Hoops 2025
@Rivercityhoops_Jul 24
RT @OntheRadarHoops: College coaches of all levels in attendance at the Power 24 Florida State, Georgia, South Florida, North Florida, Be…

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