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Jacksonville's River City Hoops Individual Showcase powered by SportsMarkit. June 1, 2019. We are a perennial basketball powerhouse that is rooted in the Jacksonville region with national impact. River City Hoops was founded in 2017, it prides itself on athletic development and character. We teach the importance of discipline, humility, adversity, and sportsmanship which is displayed on and off the court.
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Individual Showcase: June 1

River City Hoops Presents Individual Showcase event- June 1, 2019. This event will consist of skills session, training, and opportunity to play in front of JUCO and D2 schools.

To register for this event visit the official website: https://jacksonvillesrivercityhoops.org/individual-showcase-june-1/

All event related questions should be directed to Coach Feagin at Rivercityhoops904@gmail.com or call 904-945-8262.

Fill out my online form.