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River City Hoops of Jacksonville, Florida powered by SportsMarkit. We are a perennial basketball powerhouse that is rooted in the Jacksonville region with national impact. River City Hoops was founded in 2017, it prides itself on athletic development and character. We teach the importance of discipline, humility, adversity, and sportsmanship which is displayed on and off the court.
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Jacksonville River City Hoops Training



Practices are held throughout the week and provide means for our coaches to teach and reinforce basketball fundamentals, offensive & defensive game plans, and strategy.



Training Time:

6:00 pm -8:00pm

Training Locations:

Shiloh Church ( Outdoor Courts) 1118 West Beaver Street
Potter House 1150 Lane Ave south Jacksonville, FL 32210


Free Workouts: Basketball training & conditioning is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday by appointment only.

6:30pm -8:00pm

Shooting Clinics:  1 hour sessions @SMG LAB
Fee: $15 per hr
Every Saturday & Sunday
1pm session
2pm session
Group training or 1 on 1 training/Shooting  Machine
3pm – 5pm
Fee: $35 for session
Contact Coach Ashley